History of METU IPv6

METU has started to work with IPv6 via 6bone which was a test bed. At that times, some tests had been done with ULAKBİM (Turkish Academic Network and Information Center). Neverthless we have no trace for those works except some memories.

ULAKBİM was linked to pure IPv6 network of GEANT in June 2003. They take its IP block from RIPE as 2001:A98::/32. In January 2004, METU computer center decided to implement IPv6 technology and built a new pure IPv6 test network.

First network was created by using an Cisco 7500 router and a PC server. Also, we included ourselves at this network for the tests. PC server was used for web server and DNS. It worked about a year but since the technology was not so widespread and some security problems forced us to close this network.

At that times, we regestered a domain name as ipv6.org.tr and used that IP address for a while. The use of that NS was given to ULAKBİM at 2007.

It was closed because at that times the technology mainly implemented for lack of IP addresses and we had enough of IPv4 address. Also, the production environment, especially users OS, Windows, was not mature enough.

In 2007, ULAKBİM pushed the use of IPv6, again. This motivation was very impressive that we also make use of our IPv6 address block.

Now, April 2007, we created a deployment plan and made lots of tests and still testing the capabilities of the IPv6 world.