Deployment Plan

Our deployment plan is simple.

  1. Start with ping to the IPv6 neighbour of the METUv6, namely ULAK6NET.
  2. Run BGPv6 with ULAK6NET.
  3. Build IPv6 Firewall.
  4. Collect IPv6 Flows.
  5. Decide which departments will have IPv6, firstly.
  6. Make routers to understand IPv6.
  7. Build the internal OSPFv6 network.
  8. Build management network and construct knowledge of IPv6. Increase IPv6 know-how at work.
  9. Force people to learn and use IPv6.
  10. Force system engineers to carry services to IPv6 world.
  11. Try DHCPv6.
  12. Try IPSEC with IPv6.
  13. Try Mobile IPv6.
  14. Make IPv6 - IPv4 passing. Only valid for pure IPv6 Networks.