IPv6 Status of METU

According to our deployment plan:

    1. Start with ping to the IPv6 neighbour of the METUv6, namely ULAK6NET.
    2. Run BGPv6 with ULAK6NET.
      Zebra used. There were some problems. bgpd and zebra should be restarted after configuration.
    3. Build IPv6 Firewall.
      Routers want to talk ICMPv6. It should be studied more. It is a bit more complicated than IPv4
    4. Collect IPv6 Flows.
      25/4/2007 Yes, it is done by using Netflow V9 collectors.
    5. Decide which departments will have IPv6, firstly.  
      Firstly, computer center, and if possible some servers, then 1 or 2 departments as decided before.
    6. Make routers to understand IPv6. 
      All routers planned to work IPv6 has been done.
    7. Build the internal OSPFv6 network.  
      OSPFv6 network has been built. Permissions should be given in ACLs for the network. 
    8. Build management network and construct knowledge of IPv6. Increase IPv6 know-how at work.  
      Partially done. It is ongoing job which will proceed along the way. 
    9. Force people to learn and use IPv6. 
      Several departments have IPv6. Other departments are technically ready for using IPv6.
    10. Force system engineers to carry services to IPv6 world. 
      WEB, FTP, DNS services were carried to IPv6. 05/04/2011
    11. DHCPv6. 
    12. IPSEC with IPv6. 
    13. NIC.TR IPv6 Record. 
      Done. First IPv6 DNS record in TURKEY.
    14. Try Mobile IPv6.
      Not yet.
    15. Make IPv6 - IPv4 passing. Only valid for pure IPv6 Networks.
      Not yet.